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MarsClock (ChangeLog)

New: Support for Phoenix.

MarsClock is a clock for Mars. It is designed for engineers, scientists, Gods of War, Hrossa, and anyone else working on Mars surface missions. If you need an alarm clock to wake up when the sun is setting on Tharsis Tholus then MarsClock is for you.

MarsClock is a port of Mars24. Marsclock was developed (coded, compiled, debugged) 100% on a Palm using OnBoardC. It runs on the PalmOS operating system (v 3.0 through 5.2) and requires MathLib. The error between MarsClock and the JPL MER time sheets is less than one minute for the nominal mission duration.

This software is free. You are free to view the source code, modify it, and/or use it elsewhere as per the GPL.

If you find this software useful you can send me an email (contact info is in the About form). If you would like MarsClock for your iPhone, you can send me an iPhone and I promise to send you an iMarsClock within 30 days.